StringStore F.A.Q.

Q: Why are your songs expensive here on the store?

A: Because you are purchasing the song along with the rights to use it for commercial purposes. Also, as of August 20, 2020, all songs put up on my store going forward will also include the instrumentals of songs. Previous songs will stay as is until I'm able to sort this whole store thing out. As of July 2021, Instrumentals will no longer be available for purchase.

Q: Can you sell the song without the commercial rights?

A: No. Besides, my songs (most of them, anyway) are available in Spotify, iTunes, etc. so there's no need to buy them if you're just going to listen to them.

Q: Do you provide any documentation for the licenses?

A: No. But you will receive an email from paypal which contains the Transaction ID, the song name, date of purchase, and the email you used to make the purchase. This email will act as a proof that you are indeed allowed to use the songs for commercial purposes. Paypal deletes transaction history after 3 months give or take so be sure to keep your own copy somewhere safe!

Q: What entails "Commercial Purposes"?

A: Once you have purchased the song, you may use it for your monetized videos. You may also use it on your streams if you do livestreaming. The only thing you have to do on your part is to provide credit appropriately with a link to my channel somewhere.

Q: What are the limitations of "Commercial Purposes"?

A: You are not allowed to upload the song to a song distributor (Distrokid, Sounddrop, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, etc) for the purposes of putting it up on streaming platforms. A straight, reupoload of my songs on YouTube is also not allowed (tributes, lyric videos, etc are allowed!). You are also not allowed to sell the song directly. If there is something I failed to mention here, I still get the final say whether something is allowed or not.